For Individuals

Cannabis in 2018 is a very different landscape than it was even a few years ago; with countless strain varietals, concentrates, vapes, and endless new innovations in propagation, as well as a shifting legal and regulatory climate, today's cannabis landscape can be dizzying (in a bad way). The Canncierge Cannabis Consultant has deep knowledge of the cannabis plant and hemp plants, legitimate scientific cannabis research, and the latest information on research-backed applications and new discoveries. Virtual "Cannsults" are available to help you navigate the new cannabis economy safely, economically, and knowledgeably. 

If you're curious about cannabis and the medical (as well as recreational, we keep it real) innovations and the potential benefits she may hold  for you, get in touch. We will get to know each other and discuss ways we can help you discover cannabis in an authentic, personalized, and discrete way. We are experts in the plant, her compounds, noted effects, the latest research, different applications, sociological and political paradigms - we are not medical doctors, we do not diagnose or treat illnesses. 

Our Services

90 Minute Virtual Cannsult, "Cannabis 101": Ideal for the new-to-cannabis, in this consult we'll cover the plant compounds, physical and medicinal affects, most common applications, and vetted resources. Includes pre-consult survey, CannaVocab List, and Discounts. $90.

60 Minute Virtual Cannsult, "Cannabis Upper Division": Ideal for newer and regular cannabis users who are short on time and want a one-stop-shop for discovering the latest in cannabis research, applications, and innovations.  You'll come away with a heightened sense of understanding about cannabis, product and application recommendations to empower your lifestyle choices. $75.

30-45 Minute Monthly Canna-Chats: Ideal for continuing clients to check in with your cannabis consultant as you venture into new areas of  your cannabis journey; many clients rely upon these short meetings to develop a more holistic approach to cannabis use. $45.

Women's Weed Nights, semi-monthly informational group gatherings in a private San Diego home where 1-2 topics of discussion are covered, Q&A, products are reviewed, and sometimes we even have free samples of products we love! $25.

Wee(d)kend Retreats, two-day destination getaways in the local San Diego mountains where ladies gain access to deeper cannabis education, learn about the latest in research, experience new products, participate in nature excursions, and bond with other women in cannabis. Retreats can be tailored for groups of cannabis professionals or lifestyle smokers. Pricing varies based on number of attendees and scope of trip, contact for more information. 

For Cannabusinesses

Fellow Cannabis Industry folks! The Canncierge conducts focus groups, develops qualitative surveys, and provides education workshops for new product launches in the cannabis industry. Are you looking for a consultant with deep cannabis plant, product, legal, regulatory knowledge, market expertise and creativity? Please contact us for support with business development, outreach, and marketing strategies rooted in the cannabis community. We are a small, collaborative, fiercely loyal company of passionate cannabis advocates dedicated to the legalization of cannabis in America - not newbies here to make a dollar (although we do have families to support). Pricing varies based scope of work, contact for more information. 

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